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Software for RFID Readers

CognIoTTM provides demonstration software to show the basic functionality of
the 125KHz RFID Reader and the NFC Reader.

125KHz Reader commands are: -
  z - Display firmware version information
  s - Acknowledge presence of a tag
  F - Perform Factory reset of Reader
  P - Program EEPROM Polling delay
  v - Select Reader operating mode
  R - Read Tag and Page 00 data
  r - Read Tag and BLOCK 00-03 data
  e - Exit program

NFC Reader commands are: -
  z - Display product and firmware version information
  U - Read Card UID
  S - Read the Card Status
  e - Exit program

The software is avilable in GitHub. Installation instruction are available for the
125Khz Reader and for the NFC Reader.